Coronavirus update.

Precautions we have put in place at the Smithy Clinic.

Our treatment couches and pillows are protected with single use couch
roll and wiped clean with a single use antiseptic wipe after each use.
Our therapists will continue to wash their hands in between patients and
prior to hands-on treatment.
As usual, hand sanitiser is available on the reception desk. However the
government advise that washing your hands with soap and water is more
effective. Therefore, please wash your hands before and after your
consultation in our cloakroom and/or on entering and leaving the
We are wiping the card machine with an antiseptic wipe after each use.
We have increased the frequency of cleaning door handles and other
We are laundering towels after use on each patient.


1) If you have a cough or a mild fever or any respiratory symptoms. 
Government advice is to self isolate for 14 days.
2) If you have symptoms of a cough, shortness of breath, (with or
without fever) and have recently been to Cambodia, China, Hong Kong,
Japan, Macau, Malaysia, Myanmar, South Korea (Republic of Korea), 
Singapore, Taiwan or Thailand.
3) If you have been in contact with someone with a confirmed case of
4) If you have been near the quarantined areas of Northern Italy you
must self isolate. If you have been to the rest of Italy you must self
isolate if you have any of the above symptoms.

Thank you for your co-operation.

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